• Long term goal

    • Develop laser- and lamp-based atomic vapour magnetometry based on the optical pumping of 199Hg and 129Xe isotopes. The result will be the development of an in-situ comagnetometer compatible with ultra-cold neutrons for a neutron electric dipole moment experiment at the TRIUMF Ultra Cold Advanced Neutron source (TUCAN). For more information visit: https://www.triumf.ca/ucn
  •  Recent work

    • Development of a high power, narrow-linewidth continuous-wave UV laser (solid state).
    •  Doppler-free spectroscopy of Xe 5p-6p two-photon transition hyperfine splitting and isotope shifts.
    • Production of hyperpolarized 129Xe via Spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP).
  • Current status

    • Laser-based production of polarized 199Hg vapour and characterization of low-field magnetic resonance
    • Characterizing VUV lamp-based production & detection of polarized 129Xe.


                  Experimental setup                                                                                         UV Laser system

  • Recent publications

    • . “High-resolution two-photon spectroscopy of a 5p56p ← 5p6 transition of xenon”
      Emily Altiere, Eric R. Miller, Tomohiro Hayamizu, David J. Jones, Kirk W. Madison, and Takamasa Momose, Phys. Rev. A, 97, 012507 (2018)  5 pages