The Momose Group

Research in Professor Momose’s group is focused on the spectroscopy and dynamics of cold molecules, atoms, and exotic particles in both ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic environments. His group’s research spans a wide range of interdisciplinary fields in chemistry and physics. Their interests lie in the understanding of quantum processes of atoms and molecules specific to very low temperatures, where pronounced quantum effects emerge from thermal averages, especially those related to astrochemistry and atmospheric chemistry.





Takamasa Momose

Principal Investigator



Alumni & Former Members

Graduate Students Undergraduate Students
Haruka Goto Cindy Toh (MSc 2016) Termeh Bashiri
Shiori Watanabe Thomas Prescott (MSc 2016) Alexandra McKinnon
Yuki Miyamoto Fumika Suzuki (PhD 2017) Dentii Deng
Hiroko Nakahara Manish Vashishta (PhD 2020) Janice Zeng
Eric Vyskocil Colton Carlson (MSc 2021)
Susumu Kuma Brendan Moore (PhD 2023)
Wei Zhong (MSc 2013)
Sida Zhou (PhD 2014)
Omid Nourbakhsh (PhD 2015)